Ipswich singer Brooke Austen shares her touching second single ‘Home.’

Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz was spot on when she said there’s no place like home, especially when your “home” is a person or persons with whom you feel connected, safe and able to be yourself around. Honouring these special individuals we never want to live without is Brooke Austen’s touching sophomore single Home, out 12 March.

A sweet serenade of luscious vocals and glistening piano, Home is an upbeat and optimistic number that reflects on and celebrates significant relationships.

Home is an anthem for anyone who has ever been a little scared to admit when they have a real connection with someone,” said the Ipswich-based songstress. “It’s about sensing the electricity in the air when that person’s around, knowing they understand you better than anyone else, and feeling apprehension over excitement to avoid yet another bad case of hurt feelings.”

“It’s a love song I wrote when I realised my relationship was getting serious and it was difficult to see my future without it.”

The follow up to her debut single Ghosts, Home is the first taste of Brooke’s debut EP which is slated for release later this year.

Home has a lightness in its cautious optimism which contrasts pretty starkly to the haunting elements of my first single Ghosts. I’m proud of the songs on the EP, they’ve all been such a big part of my growth as a songwriter over the past 5 years and I can’t wait to share the record with everybody.”

With her musical plans put on the backburner in 2020 due to the ramifications of covid-19, Brooke says 2021 is already looking brighter with multiple gigs booked in and her debut record on the horizon. For now, she’s soaking up the joy of releasing her second single, a piece she hopes will help listeners cherish their sense of home.

Home can be anything you want it to be. It could be a person, a place, a taste, even a smell that reminds you of safety, warmth and familiarity.”

Listen to Brooke’s touching new single Home and send it to those special people in your life who feel like home. Home is out Friday, 12 March. PRE-SAVE HERE.