Gold Coast band BLIGH take audiences into the heart of over-thinking on their new music video ‘What You Aren’t Telling Me.’

A kaleidoscope of hazy colours amidst dark tones immerses listeners in the depths of romantic paranoia on BLIGH’s new music video What You Aren’t Telling Me.

The latest single lifted from their debut EP Sunsets – a concept record that explores relationship insecurities – What You Aren’t Telling Me is a dreamy indie-rock number dedicated to chronic over-thinkers everywhere who create problems in their head that aren’t really there.

What You Aren’t Telling Me fits into the greater narrative of the Sunsets EP which is one of romantic paranoia. It’s about inventing problems in your head, listening to your anxiety and demons etc,” said front man Elliott Baylis.

Made on a budget with the help of local film company Emerge Creative, the accompanying music video keeps things simple using projected images and a smoke machine to create visuals that represent what it feels like to be consumed by your thoughts.

“We used a projector for the bulk of the video to try and make it feel like you were ‘in’ the album artwork. We did that by getting motion graphics of all the artwork created and then performing with that projected onto us and the instruments. As always we just tried to be as creative as we could with the limited resources available.”

A credit to their commitment to their craft, Elliott says working on the video helped the band stay focused and positive during covid-19 times, when they, like many other musicians were struggling with loss of work.

“I hope what people take away from this is our commitment to our creativity. We will deliver music even if it means spending our last dollar to do so like we did with this EP and video. The most important thing is getting music out there so we’re pleased people can now enjoy this song with their eyes as well as their ears.”

“We look forward to our listeners continuing to join us on our constantly evolving musical journey.”

Dim the lights, set all of your thoughts aside and enjoy the marvel that is BLIGH’s new music video What You Aren’t Telling Me, which is available for your viewing exclusively below.