Mournful undertones teamed with sparkling electronic lines, Blaine’s debut single Farewell, Dear Friend is a poignant reflection on the relatable experience of parting ways with a friend.

The new solo electronic project of Finding Yellow’s front man Blaine Bourke, Farewell, Dear Friend signals the arrival of a promising new singer-songwriter to the local music scene. Inspired by real life experiences, Farewell, Dear Friend explores the residual feelings of parting ways with someone you were once close to.

Farewell, Dear Friend is about parting ways with a loved one, not necessarily a romantic partner but just someone you really care for. It’s about feeling ashamed and guilty that you didn’t hold up your end of the relationship,” said Blaine.

A keen music lover who listens to anything and everything, Blaine says he was particularly influenced by the finesse of Bon Iver and Flume whilst penning his debut tune.

“They’re two guys at the top of their game. Bon Iver’s 22, A Million record was unlike anything he’d ever done before, it was a real game changer for me. I also spent a lot of time listening to Flume, which is odd for me because I’m not really into EDM, but his innovation caught my attention.”

While Blaine spent a great deal of time chasing shows for his band Finding Yellow, he hints that his solo music may remain a recording project with his focus primarily on developing his skills, experimenting with different sounds, and writing new music.

If you’ve ever been through the unfortunate experience of breaking up with a family member or friend, you’ve got a comrade in Brisbane’s newest electronic music-maker, Blaine, with his debut single Farewell, Dear Friend.

Stream Blaine’s debut single Farewell, Dear Friend exclusively below. Farewell, Dear Friend is available across all digital outlets from Wednesday, 12 March.