If there’s one breakup potentially more devastating than the ol’ romantic relationship bust up, it’s the friendship fallout. Tired of being silent and here to settle the score on an ex-friend once and for all is Sunshine Coast musician Bella Strong, who’s debut pop-rock anthem Fall, out 6 November, is the very best kind of moving forward.

Featuring glittering piano and guitar along with charging drums and Bella’s powerful, crescendo vocals, Fall is a sweet but fiery ride and our favourite friend-flicking tune since the Dandy Warhols’ iconic anthem We Used To Be Friends. A compelling debut from a 17-year-old who bears resemblance to Australian pop princess Delta Goodrem at the same age, Bella is every bit relatable as she recounts the aftermath of having a friend turn their back on their friendship and walk away.

Fall is about a friendship that falls apart and becomes one sided,” said the young singer-songwriter, who’s currently completing her final year of high school.

“I thought this person was going to stay in my life forever but now we barely say a single word to each other. Friendships are special bonds, which makes a friendship breakup one of the most painful things you can experience in life.”

Penned in under 30 minutes out of anger, sadness and betrayal, Bella says the writing session for Fall was extremely emotional.

“I drew on all the memories, good and bad, and made the song as specific as possible. I kept it true to what I was feeling. I am certain that if the person heard it, they would know it was about them.”

Produced by Mitchel Field, Fall possesses the fierce yet accessible rock stylings and attitude of noughties greats like Evanescence and Paramore, with Bella channeling the powerful pipes of lead singers Amy Lee and Hayley Williams.

Fall is quite a driven an angsty track that utilises the power of storytelling. I chose it as my debut because the song means a lot to me emotionally, and I really wanted that to be the foundation of my career and my connection with my audience.”

Having signed to local management company Blackrock Productions earlier this year, this Sunshine Coast musician is already hard at work on her next single and is looking forward to launching Fall live at Night Quarter’s opening on 8 November.

“I’m thrilled to be playing this show. The live version of Fall will be so much fun and fuelled by energy, so I encourage everyone to come down and give it a listen.”

Be inspired to give fake friends the flick by streaming Bella’s empowering debut single Fall exclusively below. Fall drops this Friday, 6 November (PRE-SAVE HERE).