Taking the anxiety out of anxious times, Aubergine are back to help you float away from your worries with their mesmerising sophomore single Nodes, out 9 April.

The follow-up to the meditative bliss that was their debut single Lonely Peak, the talented instrumental quintet have again baked elements of jazz, classical, hip-hop and modern psychedelia into a heady, soulful jam.

“As soon as the ideas for the tune came together, the improv started flowing,” said songwriter and keyboardist Oliver Hughes. “Nodes instantly became our favourite groove to play. It was just so satisfying. I took a lot of inspiration from Hiroshi Suzuki’s album Cat, the intertwining melodies and improvisation really excited me.”

“The finalised track was born out of the premise of keeping the groove simple and nice.”

Teeing up once more with producer Joshua Rivory (The Biology Of Plants), Nodes continues the unique brand of ‘spiritual jazz’ Aubergine are becoming known for. The thick and lush horn lines, analog synthesis and relentless groove are all evidence of Aubergine’s unique musical voice, and one that they’ll continue to refine on their forthcoming debut EP, Imbark.

“This is beautiful music with an intrinsic sense of vulnerability,” said John Russell of 4000 Records. “Nodes, and the forthcoming EP as a whole, is conducive to time well spent with a calming beverage and a few minutes to free your mind.”

Fans can look forward to Aubergine’s debut EP this year, as well as a series of live sessions videos. Until then, the band are here to shift your thoughts into a positive headspace with their free-flowing new groove Nodes, streaming exclusively below.

Aubergine’s sophomore single Nodes is out 9 April via 4000 Records. Pre-save Nodes HERE.


Feature image: Aubergine live by Dimi Photography