Not to be confused with the 1990s crime drama Twin Peaks, but featuring just as many captivating twists (of the musical kind), comes the transformative listening experience that is Aubergine’s debut single Lonely Peak, out 13 February.

A six-minute epic that straddles the lines of jazz, classical, hip-hop and modern psychedelia, Lonely Peak immerses listeners in a driving yet intricate soundscape of commanding horns and groove-laden bass bolstered by glittering keys and steady drums. A kaleidoscope of instruments expertly woven together, the quartet’s debut offering mirrors the peaks and troughs of the winding path that is life.

“To me, the song evokes imagery of an intense struggle, backdropped by beautiful surroundings,” said songwriter and keyboardist, Oliver Hughes.

“A peaceful, yet pensive piece, Lonely Peak portrays life at its most triumphant and its most miserable. Think of it as a guiding Sherpa, taking the listener on a journey to a mirror atop a mountain peak where they can sit and be at rest for the song’s six minutes.”

Born from a recording project Oliver was working on, Aubergine officially became one of Brisbane’s newest jazz outfits in late 2019, and as band members came onboard the initial pieces of Lonely Peak grew into the final version we hear today. Produced by Joshua Rivory (The Biology of Plants), the song draws inspiration from the likes of BadBadNotGood, GoGo Penguin and Mamal Hands, and is the band’s first studio single (following on from their 16-minute live session Live In The Neve).

Signing with local record label legends 4000 Records, 2020 is set to be a big year for Aubergine with a slew of singles and a cassette release all in the mix.

Lonely Peak is a fantastic introduction to what this band can do,” said 4000 Records’ John Russell. “They envelope you into their world, swirl you around in their atmosphere and set you safely back down after the ride of your life.”

Set aside time to quiet the busyness of life and experience the meditative-like bliss that is Aubergine’s debut single Lonely Peak, streaming exclusively below. Lonely Peak is out 13 February via 4000 Records (pre-save HERE), with a launch show at Brisbane’s The Bearded Lady on 16 February. All event info HERE.


Feature image: Aubergine by Chris Sockhill