Tackling a sensitive social issue with candid vulnerability in a rollicking heavy rock tone, is Gold Coast duo Atticus Chimps’ new single, Social Anaesthetic, which drops 23 September.

A hard rock number with an equally hard-hitting message, Social Anaesthetic addresses the issue of not always feeling comfortable or confident in your own skin, and the behaviours these feelings can breed in attempt to mask such anxieties.

Social Anaesthetic is about substance abuse and the feeling of not being able to socialise without substances,” said front man, Sam Bray.

“Musically, the song is different from our previous work in that it’s leaning away from punk-rock and more towards hard rock. Believe it or not, the riff of this song was inspired by a Dr. Dre chord progression mixed with a strumming pattern from Queens Of The Stone Age and Lady Gaga. A mixed bag would be an understatement.”

The dynamic duo will be taking their renovated sound for a spin with an East Coast single tour spanning cities from Brisbane to Canberra throughout September/October. As a self-described balls-to-the-wall no-bones-about-it hard rock band, Sam says they plan to leave a trail of debris in their wake (in all the right ways) on their upcoming tour.

“They’ll be less theatrics and more of a refined set list at our upcoming shows. We’ll leave the hooting and hollering to the audience, this time.” 

With their next single already slated for release this November, Social Anaesthetic is just a first glimpse of what fans can expect from the band’s music come 2020.

Get your dose of hard-hitting rock and stream Atticus Chimps’ brand new single Social Anaesthetic exclusively below, before it drops on 23 September. Atticus Chimps launch Social Anaesthetic at Gold Coast’s Rompa Room on 27 September and Brisbane’s Tomcat on 28 September. All tour details below.