Diving into the emotional terrain of mental health while simultaneously celebrating the empowering journey that is self-discovery, dark-pop belle Athena Joy embarks down a new road on her ethereal sophomore EP Into The Wild, out 18 September.

As graceful as it is gregarious, Into The Wild explores important themes of isolation, anxiety and helplessness with delicate care, while offering listeners a hopeful lens through which to glance.

“This whole EP is about getting lost in your imagination and escapism,” said the Gold Coast songstress.

Featuring hauntingly profound lyrics atop an enchanting electro-pop sound bed, the record celebrates the stories, growing pains and lessons Athena continues to experience. From opening track The Weekend, which reflects on her expectations and the uphill battle of her early 20s, to Rush and Into The Wild where she articulates her feelings of helplessness struggling with anxiety, Athena provides a safe space for audiences to contemplate and face their own inner perplexities.  

The follow up to her 2018 debut EP Blue, Into The Wild also sees Athena take the reigns as co-producer alongside Jared Adlem, ensuring the emotional highs and lows at the core of each track come across in every facet of the music. With her previous work winning fans everywhere from the United States to the United Kingdom and of course here in her homeland, the vulnerability and immersive experience that is Athena’s latest EP is sure to capture the hearts of many more both here and abroad.

Escape down the dark-pop rabbit hole that is Athena Joy’s sophomore EP Into The Wild and stream this gem exclusively below before it’s official release this Friday, 18 September.