If you’ve ever worried that your family is weird, you’re not alone. Sunshine Coast rocker, Aspy Jones, is letting the weird and wacky out to play in the music video for his second single, Madhousein celebration of his 21st birthday today.

Breaking onto the airwaves earlier this year with his poignant debut Hatches, Aspy returns with another Triple J Unearthed chart-topper in Madhouse – an upbeat and fun tune that pays homage to his experience growing up in a large and quirky family.

“When I was growing up, I thought my family was slightly mad. Mum always used to tell us to ‘act normal’ whenever we left the house so we didn’t embarrass her. Now I realise most people think their housemates or families are not completely sane, and that’s what Madhouse is about,” said Aspy.

Filmed locally by Sir Media, the accompanying Madhouse music video is set in an old haunted house with Aspy as its ‘crazy’ owner. This isn’t any ordinary madhouse though. There’s no spooking or horror, just an eccentric owner looking to connect with fellow creatives.

“The music video is based on a typical Scooby Doo episode (which I loved watching as a kid). Teenagers turn up to a spooky old house with a ghost inside or in this case, a harmless crazy person who wants a band to party with. It’s all about having fun – dressing up with friends and embracing the weird and wacky.”

In honour of his 21st birthday today, Aspy is unleashing his inner madness, and we should all do the same! Welcome to Aspy Jones’ Madhouse…we dare you to press ‘play’!

Join the party and watch Aspy Jones’ quirky new music video Madhouse exclusively below. Madhouse is out now.