Giving new meaning to the term Come Alive, Queensland’s Aspy Jones delivers a mini zombie apocalypse epic to accompany his latest single of the same name.

Channelling every good zombie apocalypse movie and TV show (think World War Z and The Walking Dead), the music video for Come Alive follows Aspy and friends as they drink beers and dance to his new single around a campfire before a gate-crashing zombie (played by Aspy’s sister Jaimie) joins the party. Good-natured, amusing and a little bit sinister, the storyline of Come Alive parallels the song’s lyrics with an intriguing twist.

“The song is all about women finding their strength in the world and not living to make other people happy. I wanted to show this from a different perspective in the video that people might not be expecting,” said Aspy, who made the video himself with the help of his friends and family.

“I like music videos that are a little different and have a storyline. It had to be made on a very low budget so luckily I have a younger sister who was willing to be a zombie and friends and band members who were happy to help me out, as well as a Dad who’s pretty good at editing.”

The result is an entertaining, light-hearted suspense piece that will keep you guessing till the very end. And if you were thinking of breaking the COVID-19 self-isolation restrictions this Easter long weekend, watching Come Alive might make you think again.

With gigs on hold for the foreseeable future, Aspy continues to focus on his other favourite part of being a career musician – songwriting. Fans can expect to wrap their ears around more new releases from this talented troubadour soon.

Stay inside and watch Aspy Jones’ thrilling new music video Come Alive exclusively below…you never know who (or what) could be lurking outside!