Touting an ‘it’s cool to care’ attitude towards relationships that marvellously bursts the bubble of self-help books and dating advice columns everywhere, we’re swiping right on ARCVDIA’s charming debut single, Like You Did, out 7 November.

A dark-pop number gloriously reminiscent of fellow Brisbane songstresses like Astrid, Isabel and Phoebe Sinclair, that fans of sensations like Lorde and BANKS will love, Like You Did takes a compassionate view of unrequited love, finding hope in what is often seen as a hopeless situation.

Like You Did is about the feeling of unrequited love – losing someone, but still loving them,” said Madeleine Thompson, aka ARCVDIA. “And no matter how much that person hurt you, you’d take them back in a heartbeat. The song also explores the breakdown of a relationship and how one person always ends up getting hurt more than the other.”

No stranger to the local music scene, Madeleine has won various talent competitions and participated in projects such as RAW and Indie 100 since the age of 15. Now a self-taught producer, she leaves her acoustic-folk roots behind to delve into the world of electronic pop, self-producing her debut with the help of Dylan Lindquist (SOFT NYLON, Pure Milk, Clawmachine), Paul Blakey (Amy Shark, Ella Fence) and Dan Hill (Joaquinlees) who mixed, mastered and co-produced the track, respectively.

“I’m excited to share something that has been close to my heart for a long time. I’m really proud of this single and feel like it’s the perfect way to introduce the world to ARCVDIA.”

Featuring hypnotic synths, heavy basslines and haunting lyrics that resonate with the inner dialogue of anyone who’s ever experienced unrequited love or a break-up, Like You Did is sure to tug at your heartstrings and infiltrate your mind. And if you have experienced these maladies firsthand, know you’ve got a comrade in ARCVDIA.

“I wanted to share my vulnerability through Like You Did to help myself heal, but also to help people understand how hard it can be to stop caring for someone, even long after they’ve stopped caring for you. Overall, don’t be afraid to be the person who cares more.”

Make “it’s cool to care” your motto and stream ARCVDIA’s debut single Like You Did, exclusively below before it drops next Thursday, 7 November.