Angie Farr, aka Old Sault, is one of Queensland’s finest breakout artists of 2016. Following the release of her stunning debut single Ghost earlier this year, Angie returns with her haunting new single Sail Home.

Born from an existential crisis, Sail Home unpacks the epiphany that you are the only person who can make your dreams come true.

“I was at a point where I knew what I wanted but hadn’t taken any steps to make it happen. I was lazy with my dreams. Then I had a lightbulb moment about a year ago where I realised I can do anything I set my mind to, and that’s when I wrote Sail Home,” said Angie.

“I hope listeners can connect with the notion that your mind is a compass and it can direct you anywhere if you choose to use it.”

Sail Home gives further glimpse into Angie’s debut EP Mostly Worried, which is due for release later this year. It’s a poignant record that delves into her relationships, doubts, memories and decisions, which she says all worry her deeply.

“I feel a lot of feelings about things, but I am consistently anxious about stuff. I’m nervous and excited about releasing the EP. I hope it will resonate with people.”

Ahead of the record’s release, we asked Angie to share some of the moments that shaped Mostly Worried. Here’s what she had to say…


  1. My Parents and their marriage/divorce.
    My parents taught me everything about love, trust and monogamy and I always adored their completely effortless love. When they divorced after 25 years of marriage, it changed the way I see human relationships. A huge influence to this EP is the process that my mind went through to construct new and unique values about love while trying to understand why things just end for no reason. During that process, I watched my parents happily become their own people, I met them for the first time as individuals, and I understood completely.
  2. Working full time at a job I don’t really like and feeling super bored.
    The monotony of my day-to-day working life inspired me intensely to start taking music seriously. I am so, so bored all the time and I just can’t accept that. Starting the EP has been a means to bring some purpose to my life.
  1. Travelling with another person and learning stuff about them.
    When I travelled Europe I got to know my partner on a level that I didn’t know existed. We were exploring the world together but unintentionally exploring each other at the same time. I draw so much influence from interactions or experiences that we have shared together over 4 years, but particularly the ones where we are travelling. I sing about this on the EP.
  1. Any album by Manchester Orchestra.
    I love every Manchester Orchestra song. I am influenced by this band a great deal.
  1. Shitty people and their shitty advice.
    Pursuing your passion is fun and all but there’s always going to be shitty people with their shitty advice telling you who to be or how to do things. I have encountered these shitty people throughout the writing process of this EP, and I have listened to their shitty advice. I’m usually good at shitty-advice-taking, but right now I’d consider myself inspired to keep doing things my own way and proving their shitty advice wrong.
  1. The World at Large + Float On by Modest Mouse.
    These have been my go-to songs for inspiration since I started the EP. I fear I have listened to them so much that I might accidentally plagiarise them. (I’m kidding but the transition from The World at Large to Float On gets me every single time).
  2. Nostalgia.
    I am mostly nostalgic for people and places: the music I was listening to at those times, the coffee I was drinking, the cigarettes we were smoking, the smell of our houses or washing detergent etc. I built a lot of metaphors around this feeling while writing Mostly Worried.

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