Brisbane rockers Old Fashion are stirring up hype for their forthcoming EP What Were We Thinking, with the release of their new single The Racket.

Drawing influence from the likes of Artic Monkeys, The Darkness and Royal Blood, The Racket pays homage to growing up and living in share houses and the territory that comes with it.

“It’s all about that moment when you wake up and are instantly filled with regret,” said vocalist JJ Cole.

To celebrate their new single and impending record release, we asked JJ to share with us Old Fashion’s top five ‘what were we thinking’ moments. Let the good times roll…


  1. Our first EP.
  2. Playing a particular venue in Melbourne at an unusual hour (for them) to absolutely no one. Vivid memories of the night ending with us sitting in the venues office and paying them for the show.
  3. Touring a B-side down the east coast with absolutely no promotion whatsoever…
  4. What we thought was a legit company working with a prominent (now defunct) music magazine asking for us to be part of a compilation album (they also promised big things). We paid them and that was the last we heard of them. Until 12 months later when we got a hand drawn single CD in a plastic sleeve…sigh!
  5. Signing up to an Australia Day gig – sounded like a good idea at the time. Except the fact it was at 10PM. We had participated in the festivities all day thinking it would go smoothly. We were in no state to perform. At one point Dave (guitarist) forgot his parts so just started clapping along to the songs…out of time of course. We were never paid, neither should we have been.

For one a helluva time you won’t regret, catch Old Fashion partying it up at The Triffid’s Young Blood Show (The Rock N Roll Edition) this Sunday, 14 August. All event info here.