Making exciting music backed by high-energy live shows, Brisbane trio Electric Suede are on a mission to prove rock ‘n’ roll is still one of the most entertaining music genres in the world.

The project of lead singer and guitarist Richard Butler, the band has unveiled a fresh line-up for 2016, with good mates Jimmy Harden and Levi Russell joining on bass and drums.

The trio have been laying low these past few months, working on new material that they hope to release later this year.

“Nothing is set in stone, but we would like to release an EP sometime this year,” said Richard.

“The music we’ve been working on draws on elements of rock, punk and funk, with lyrics that take inspiration from real life experiences, made up fictitious events and even rock ‘n’ roll clichés.”

In their first show since January, Electric Suede will be performing at The Backroom this Friday night, 20 May as a part of Vincent & Jules’ Cookies & Cream Series.

“We’re really looking forward to performing again! Nothing brings more pleasure than standing on stage and playing rock n roll.”

“As with any show we play, fans can expect some great rockin’ tunes and a high-energy, ass kicking performance. We appreciate that people are taking time out from their weekends, traveling far distances and spending their hard earned cash to see us perform, so they deserve the best!”

Catch Electric Suede when they take to the stage at Cookies & Cream this Friday, 20 May at The Backroom. All event info available here.

Cookies & Cream #2

Feature image by Olloform Media.