Whether you’re a virtuoso, just starting out, or looking to break into the music industry, the Music Business Facts Online Industry Summit has something for everybody (and it’s 100 per cent FREE).

An extension of the successful Music Business Facts podcast run by Brisbane’s own Rodney Holder, the summit will share invaluable knowledge and tips from some of the world’s top music industry professionals including Josh Pyke (ARIA Award Winner), Andrew Tuttle (APRA) and Andy Farrow (Northern Music UK).

Running from 4 – 15 April, attendees can register for online sessions covering a range of “how to” topics such as courting a record label, self-managing a music career and planning an international tour. This is an event for artists, managers, producers and all aspiring music industry entrepreneurs.

As someone who has worked in the industry for nearly 30 years as both an artist and an educator, Rodney says he created the summit to help people learn more about the business side of music.

“I want to play a huge role in educating people about the music business. I want to make an enormous positive difference to people’s careers and help them avoid the mistakes I made,” he said.

Rodney believes knowledge sharing is key, which is why he’s brought in numerous industry professionals to discuss their respective areas of expertise.

“No one person can ever know everything which is why the summit has multiple speakers. What’s exciting is that each speaker will bring a ton of different value bombs about how to succeed in the brutally competitive music industry.”

As for his own advice on how to survive and thrive long-term in the music industry, Rodney says “patience, passion, persistence, good work ethic and a never say die approach” are key.

Unlike other industry conferences, the Music Business Facts Summit is online, completely free and open to everybody. So if you’re eager to learn more about the music industry, make sure you pop the summit dates in your calendar and register before next Monday, 4 April.

Register for the Music Business Facts Industry Summit here, and get ready to upgrade your career!


Monday, 4 April  | How To Self-Manage Your Music Career & Thrive In The Music Business | By Greg Donovan (Wonderlick Entertainment AUS)

Tuesday, 5 April | How To Not Get Signed – The Mistakes Artists Make When Trying To Court A Label | By Dave Jiannis (Epitaph Records AUS)

Wednesday, 6 April | How To Develop, Grow & Nurture A Successful Music Career | By Josh Pyke (ARIA Award Winning Singer/Song-writer)

Thursday, 7 April | How To Successfully Get Your Music Online & Heard – A Digital Music Masterclass | By Sarah Hamilton (Client Manager, Ditto Music AUS)

Monday, 11 April | An Introduction To Performance, Broadcast, & Mechanical Royalties For Songwriters & Composers | By Andrew Tuttle (APRA/AMCOS)

Tuesday, 12 April | How To Plan, Book & Implement A Successful International Tour | By Andy Farrow (Northern Music UK)

Wednesday, 13 April | How To Take Your Band From The Rehearsal Room To International Touring | By Matt Young (Vocalist/Co-Manager, King Parrot)

Thursday, 14 April | Mystery Guest Speaker (TBA)