Houston, we have lift off! Red Deer Festival is back for its seventh (and sadly, FINAL) year of bringing up-and-coming acts from around the country right to your backyard. This year’s theme is Space Oddity, and we’ve compiled a list linking the best of the best to a planet that matches their characteristics.

Seen as the messenger Mercury governs communication, how you relate to others, and how others hear you. This brother/sister duo formed when Bec was handed a bass guitar to accompany her little brother on stage. Full of infectious melodies mixed with youthful pop and textured folk, their music communicates the transformation into adulthood and the tribulations that come with growing up. You can listen to their single Suitcase HERE.

Known as the planet associated with love and women, Venus represents attraction and harmony. 20-year-old singer/songwriter Tiarne seamlessly blends the indie/pop genre to her will, crafting chapters of her life into soulful storytelling. Inspired by Lorde, The National, and Johnny Cash, this Brisbane-based babe will leave you reminiscing on lost loves in the best of ways. Check out her music HERE.

Earth is associated with being concentrated, practical, and reliable, just like The Preatures. This Sydney band has skyrocketed towards success, with 2 acclaimed EPs, sold out tours, and diverse praise from Harry Styles to Doc Neeson. The band’s music is full of addictive sounds and a heart that beats to joyous pop. Just like Earth, The Preatures are a sure thing you won’t want to miss. Listen to them HERE.

Assertive and driven, Mars is willing to take the initiative, and so is Mayhem for Mary. This is a band you can listen to and instantly feel like you’re at a live show for. Mayhem for Mary doesn’t have a guitarist, and they don’t particularly care what you think about that. An alternative rock 3 piece consisting of drums, bass, and vocals driven by beats and an urge to scratch that creative itch, you won’t want to leave Red Deer without seeing their ferocious live show antics. Listen to their single HERE.

Leanne Tennant and Jupiter have something in common: they’re both full of growth, wisdom, and reaching your dreams. This year’s recipient of an exclusive mentorship with Kram from Spiderbait, Leanne Tennant has grown as an artist and is now receiving huge praise – even from Rolling Stone. Described as having the ability to mix vulnerability with unusual strength, her music is honest, raw and not to be missed. You can listen to it HERE.

Characterised by challenge, Saturn is said try and limit you so you stay focussed. However, there’s no slowing down for MC Wheels, an Australian rapper who moulds rhymes, delivery, and beats to create a voice for anyone with a dream. His Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Respiratory Distress make his future unpredictable, but one things for certain: his music is full of passion and you’ll want to keep your eyes on him. Listen to his single Positive Outlook HERE.

Who could possibly be a better fit for this planet than a band full of mates that was formed when they were still in high school? Just like Uranus, Shag Rock are all about self-expression, creativity, and being original. Describing themselves as “good times with good lads”, Shag Rock’s music is full of chilled rock vibes that you’ll never want to hit pause on. Check out their music HERE.

A small band with big dreams, which makes them the perfect match for the planet characterised by dreaming and creative energy. They enjoy creating music that’s thoughtful, challenging, bold and fresh and after a few live shows decided to pursue their collective dream: recording a full-length album. Whether you enjoy rock, pop, or ballads, Hawkmoon has something to offer you. Listen to their music HERE.

Pluto is linked to power, transformation, and the darker things in life, and so is this Sydney duo. Their second single ‘Everyone’ delves into their dark side with techno beats and acid rifts. Possessing a unique sound, MEZKO defy traditional pop music to craft their own special blend. Listen to their music HERE.

With artists like these, Red Deer Festival is sure to be galaxy full of talent this year! Further information on the line up, timetable, ticks and all things Red Deer is available HERE.