Devoted to bringing music into people’s lives while also giving back to the community, music star and teacher Astrid, is back with a new and loving project. Pub Choir is Astrid’s marvellous creation designed to bring hundreds of strangers together with a love of singing and a whole lot of fun.

Many will recognize Astrid as the effervescent front woman of former pop-rock outfit Astrid & The Asteroids. The singer has been busy over the past few years rocking her solo career as well as conducting numerous choirs and music classes for the music lover’s community.

“I’m trying to make music accessible to everybody,” says Astrid, and she really is. For only $10 you can head along to Pub Choir at The Elephant Hotel tonight, Thursday 12 October and spend 90 minutes learning a song in three-part harmony that you can keep on video forever. There’s no auditions or experience required to join, just a passion for music and a love for singing.

It’s a unique idea and incredible experience for anyone who wants to sing and have fun with people from their community. Come along tonight and learn Natalie Imbruglia’s beautiful song, Torn, while making lifelong friends and connections.

Doors for Pub Choir open at 6PM tonight, Thursday 12 October at the Elephant Hotel. No need to pre-book, just show up! The singing starts at 7PM. More event information can be found HERE.

*Pub Choir regularly takes place on the SECOND Thursday of every month!

Feature image: Pub Choir #6 by Jcbmrrsn Freelance