Neighbour aka Ryan Nebauer is back with a new intergalactic tune for 2016. Penned after looking through a telescope and feeling instantly changed, Space Camp reflects on the idea that all of us and our achievements and possessions are of small importance in the wider universe.

The music video for Space Camp, released just yesterday, highlights this sentiment, telling a story Ryan says is like a caricature of himself.

“The video follows a boy so lost in the wonders and idea of interstellar travel that he forgets to appreciate the beauty of life we have here on earth. I used a bunch of corny video effects to make it feel like it was shot around the time of the original Star Wars,” he said.

Ahead of his Space Camp single launch show at Black Bear Lodge tomorrow night (16 June), we asked we asked Ryan five ‘Mid-Week Musing’ questions related to the theme ‘unknowns of the universe’ and here’s what he had to say….

  1. If you were to go camping in space, which planet would you choose to camp on, what 5 things would you take with you and what camp activities would you engage in?­­
    Well it’s not Technically a planet, but I’d say Europa. It’s a small moon of Jupiter but scientists are pinning it to have the highest chance of containing life within our Solar System. I’d take a wetsuit and a ridiculously large drill, as there is liquid water under its thick layer of ice.
  2. If you could choose to rule any galaxy/planet etc from any sci­fi movie/book/cartoon etc, which galaxy/planet would you choose and why?
    I’m a Star Wars fan so I’m going to have to say Naboo because I love the excess of greenery and stunning architecture and I’d get to rule it alongside super babe, Natalie Portman.
  3. If an alien landed in your background and you had to play tour guide, what five spots would you take them to in Brisbane?
    The Brisbane Planetarium to show them how much (or little) us humans know about space, Ze Pickle burger for an out of this world dinner, Black Bear Lodge as it often showcases the best Brisbane (and Australia) has to offer in musical talent, South Bank because as any Brisbanite knows ­ it’s the ultimate date, The West End night markets as they are inhabit great culture and… oh wait… they’re putting an apartment block there now.
  4. You’re heading into space for the foreseeable future, with no return to Earth date set. What five albums do you take with you (remembering this is the only music you may hear for the rest of eternity)?
    Paul Dempsey: Everything Is True
    Big Scary: Vacation
    Blink­182: Self-Titled
    Bloc Party: Silent Alarm
    Arcade Fire: The Suburbs 
  5. If you were colonising a new planet, which five celebrities or characters (living or dead, fiction or real life) would you take with you and why?
    Paul McCartney as he can teach the masses to write a perfect pop song.
    Natalie Portman as she has implausible woman genes to pass on.
    Russel Brand because I’d like to see his interesting idea of a perfect economy and society come to life (plus the world needs laughter).
    Hugh Jackman to please everyone.
    Jamie Oliver to cook me food while I try to imitate what he says.

Watch the music video for Space Camp (below) and catch Neighbour at Black Bear Lodge tomorrow night, 16 June.