Brisbane alternative, krautrock duo Chief Weapons have been jamming together for years. Based around loops, their music is created live on stage with the intent of whipping the songs, and crowd, into a frenzy.

“With our music there’s no safety net, and that’s the way we like it. The threatening possibility of the loops falling apart on stage is what gives our music the edge it needs,” said guitarist Bradley Bailey.

They played their first Chief Weapons show in April and are back to rock Vincent & Jules’ fourth Cookies & Cream show this weekend.

“After our last Cookies & Cream show we were told we sound like a mixture of Rush, The Mars Volta and a Zelda video game. What that means, we’re not really sure, but we assume it meant we were something ‘different.’”

“We’ve got some new material to play and are constantly re-imagining our older stuff too. So expect your brain to explode with shock and awe, and your feet to start dancing uncontrollably.”

Ahead of their appearance at Cookies & Cream this Saturday night, we asked the pair five ‘Mid-Week Musing’ questions related to theme ‘Music As A Form Of Weaponry’ and here’s what they had to say…

  1. If you were in a music street gang, which five musicians (living or dead) would you choose to fight alongside you, and what role would they have?

    Brent and Bill from Mastodon
    – They look like Vikings and they’ve fought White Walkers. Intimidation factor alone is worth having them.
    Cedric from the Mars Volta – Besides bringing sublime hip-shimmy dance moves to the table, he’s like Roger Daltry with a mic swing, (only far more accurate).
    Buddy Rich – For his precision and technique. Only a true warrior is an elite in his craft.
    John Bonham – Precision is one thing but sometimes you just need a hulk to smash through all the hoards of enemies.
  2. If you could use music as a weapon to solve three world issues, which world issues would you solve?

    Our ability to work and live together regardless of our differences.
    We believe music can and has already helped achieve this around the world. Both members of Chief Weapons have very different beliefs, but through music we collaborate, work together and through it, show an understanding of each other’s differences. This is very much the mantra behind the Chief Weapons name, “music is a weapon that truly works.” Reminding people what really matters, which is each other.

    Address climate change somehow. Pretty certain though all the heat we generate by playing doesn’t do any good, but there’s only two of us which gives us a smaller carbon footprint from the start.

    There’s a big problem in the world with people trying to use violence to get their own way. Our music can be very intense in itself, but nobody ever gets hurt. Some of our fondest memories have been seeing shows with a bunch of complete strangers and the feeling of community and mutual respect that occurs throughout the experience. Hopefully, our music can bring the same feeling to people that come and see us too.

  3. You’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse and need a battle playlist. Which five songs do you choose as your battle songs?

    Led Zeppelin – Achilles Last Stand
    Epic battles require epic galloping bass lines.
    The Drones – Oh My
    A ‘how to’ for the apocalypse.
    Star Wars – Imperial March
    Because the force is necessary, even if it is the dark side.
    Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
    Because we’re going to need a montage.
    Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell
    …realistically, running is our best chance of survival.
  4. Who do you think is the most badass musician of all time, and why?

    Johnny Cash for sure. No explanation necessary.
  5. If you were to write a protest song, what issue(s) would it address and what would it be called?

    Nathan: I’d protest against songs that whinge about relationship problems. If you’ve got issues, go work it out or get therapy, don’t just sing about it. I’d call it “99 problems you’ll never hear me sing about.”

    Brad: I think we’ve a real issue with violence in this country, which although some people blame on many things, it really boils down to being a selfish dickhead, so I guess it would be, “Don’t be a Selfish Dickhead.” Simple.

Catch Chief Weapons at Cookies & Cream this Saturday night, 23 July at The Backroom.

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