Soupy LaRue, Brisbane’s quirkiest alternative-rock band, have a lot to smile about with their second single Teeth launching this week.

Inspired by the infamous and somewhat naughty tales of their namesake character Soupy LaRue, the band’s latest single recounts Soupy’s encounter with a tribe of cannibals in South America. Believing they absorb the powers of those they consume, the tribespeople got more than they bargained for when they ate Soupy LaRue.

With bloodcurdling lyrics and a touch of dark humour, Teeth explores the ritualistic aspect of the consumption of human flesh. It’s the second single the band have served up for consumption, and the main course is still to come with their debut EP dropping later this year.

Ahead of their single launch this Friday night, we asked Soupy LaRue five ‘Mid-Week Musing’ questions related to theme ‘Cannibalism’ and here’s what they had to say…

  1. Soupy LaRue recently stumbled across a tribe of cannibals in South America who believe that they absorb the powers of those they consume. If they were to eat Soupy LaRue, what powers would he pass on?They would get a bad case of food poisoning! He is a dirty bastard! I’ve never seen him have a shower or even wash his hands!
  1. Which three famous musicians (dead or alive) do you think are closet cannibals and why?There is some talk on the interwebs that the most powerful people on our planet are shapeshifting lizards that eat the flesh of babies. Apparently the young blood reenergises them or some such thing.I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out Michael Jackson had a taste for human flesh. Jacko makes Soupy look normal!

    Elvis Presley got conspicuously fat in his later years. His death was probably at the hands of one of his victims and then covered up.

    Taylor Swift. Definitely a cannibal. Her and Kanye.

  1. If you controlled the cannibal apocalypse, which five movie characters would you recruit for your team and what skill would they each possess?
  • The Predator to hunt and round up all the people.
  • That asshole from Game of Thrones (Ramsey?) to skin them.
  • The Swedish chef from the muppets to cook the meat.
  • Cheech and Chong to help me build up an appetite.
  • Scarlett Johansen to have a lovely romantic dinner and conversation.
  1. Who are the top five people on Soupy LaRue’s ‘must eat’ hit list?
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Seth Rogen
  • Jonah Hill
  • Melissa Mcarthy
  • And for dessert…ME!
  1. What qualities do you think make a tasty human?My Mother told me when I was young, that the reason that you weren’t allowed to eat people was because they taste so good, and if you ever tried, you would never be able to stop!

Catch Soupy LaRue at their joint single launch with Faux Bandit at The Woolly Mammoth this Friday night, 12 August. All event info available here.