A passion for culture and heritage pulses through every beat of Emily Wurramara’s debut EP Black Smoke. Released earlier this month, the record features six deeply engaging and personal songs that pay homage to her roots and hometown Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory.

Singing in both English and Anindilyakwa (the traditional language of Groote Eylandt), Emily beautifully weaves together the two worlds she grew up in – Groote Eylandt and Brisbane. The language songs in particular she says, are a dedication to her Grandmother.

A seasoned performer who has taken her music across the country and abroad, Black Smoke sets Emily apart – showcasing not just her song-writing prowess but her ability to tell stories about contemporary life with an ageless perspective. She’ll be taking Black Smoke on the road throughout July and August.

“I’m coated with nerves, disbelief, happiness and so much pride, just knowing I am representing my clan makes this even more special,” she said.

Ahead of her tour, Emily has prepared a track-by-track revelation that details the meaning and inspiration for each song on Black Smoke.

Get to know Emily and her music by reading her descriptions below, grab a copy of Black Smoke and catch her on her upcoming tour.


Black Smoke
Black Smoke is about finding your belonging and being in a place where you feel free. Where you feel just absolutely connected to your soul, and the beings around you.

Ementha Papaguneray
Ementha Papaguneray is a children’s song made up of 2 lullabies Ementha which is the turtle song, and Papaguneray which is a song about sitting on the beach playing in the sand and being with your family

Ngerraberakernama (Wake Up)
Wake Up is about having no shame to stand out, how we are all shining stars on this earth with our own special talent.

Ngayuwa Ngelyeyiminama Nungua
This means I love you, it’s the most beautiful way to say I love you to a woman in my language, I break down in the middle in full language, I’m telling the person I love that I adore them, because they’re my heart’s desire.

Stomping Ground
This is more a political song, featuring yazza- b. I’m singing about how our culture is still here, and it’s still strong, yazza raps about the issues in communities and how they’re still effecting our people still to this day. There’s a lot of elements in this song.

Blue Moon Black Sea.
Everyone thinks this a love song, but it’s actually about finding yourself again, about facing your terrors, facing your fears and embracing the truth and reality of things. “When I saw she made you happy…” Meaning why don’t you make yourself happy instead of relying on others to do that.


Wednesday, 6 July @ The Cardigan Bar from 7PM. Tickets $15 on the door.
Thursday, 11 August @ The Milk Factory from 7PM. Tickets $15 on the door.