Known for her emotive song-writing and soul-soaring performances, Brisbane songstress Maja knows how to turn her life experiences into musical gems. Her latest single Hurting Now, which was released earlier this month, tackles the pain of being in a one-way relationship.

Hurting Now is about a very short lived relationship.  It’s about one person really wanting to be in it while the other person strings them along – a half-hearted partnership that only causes pain,” she said.

While Maja turned to song-writing to heal, we asked her to share some of her other top tips (for those of us who are less musically-inclined) for mending a broken heart. Here’s what she had to say…


  1. Take a long walk by yourself and just think. It helps to reassess your life (the good and the bad) when you’re hurting.
  1. Green tea in the morning, chamomile at night. Tea fixes everything!
  1. Listen to Paul Simon’s Graceland. Or if you’re not in the mood for happy music, anything by Bon Iver.
  1. Get hydrated. I feel better when I am in water, so I think going to the beach or a pool is a good idea. I like to think it helps cleanse all the negativity and toxins away.
  2. Watch 500 Days of Summer. This movie makes me feel better every time I go through a break-up. I love the combination of sadness with humour.

Maja’s Hurting Now Single Tour kicks off in Brisbane tomorrow night, Thursday 1 December at The New Globe Theatre. Listen to Hurting Now HERE and get to one of her upcoming shows!


Thurs, 1 Dec @ New Globe Theatre | Brisbane
Fri, 2 Dec @ Nook and Cranny | Sunshine Coast
Sat, 3 Dec @ Treehouse On Belongil | Byron Bay
Wed, 7 Dec @ Brighton Up Bar | Sydney
Thurs, 8 Dec @ Lass O’Gowrie Hotel | Newcastle