If you thought nothing could bloom in the dead of winter, think again. Brisbane-via-Melbourne soul-folk songstress, Maja, has come into her own, blossoming on new single Woman I’ve Become.

Having made her mark in the Brisbane music circuit, Maja packed her bags and moved to Melbourne last year, simultaneously navigating a new city, landing a job, finding a place to live, making friends and healing from a relationship breakup. Talk about major life upheaval! But she’s come through the other end thriving, detailing her journey in pensive new single, Woman I’ve Become.

Woman I’ve Become is about being okay within yourself and being the woman of your dreams. It’s saying to the world – don’t wait for me to be something I’m not. This is me. You can break me down but I’m still standing,” said Maja.

Since moving interstate over a year ago, Maja has transformed tenfold. As with all change, it’s the little things that add up to a big difference, and below she shares with us, the moments that made her metamorphosis.


  1. Learning to stand up for myself and saying no. Oh the power of no! It feels good to be able to say no but not be apologetic for it. I always felt guilty for what I wanted.  I felt like a bit of a pushover two years ago and I definitely feel like a different person now. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but in turn I hurt myself. Life is a constant work in progress but I’m learning to use my empathetic and organised parts as a strength rather than a weakness. Remembering that you are not for everyone helps!
  2. Acknowledging my vulnerability is powerful.  Sharing those crap or beautiful experiences is what makes people feel connected and that’s why art and music is so amazing! There’s nothing better than going to a poetry slam or seeing songwriters sing their hearts out to make you feel less alone. I’ve always felt like I was “too emotional” or “too sensitive” but knowing that’s my power really helps.
  3. Acceptance rather than resistance. I think in the past I would resist things like rejection. If something failed or didn’t work out the way I wanted, I felt like a failure. I took it as a personal attack rather than something that just needs to end. Everything happens for a reason. If the job, relationship or housing situation isn’t working don’t resist it, just let it go. And learning to let go has made life much easier. We often don’t realise what’s happening until it’s over. Now I feel super grateful for things ending, for being ghosted or maybe leaving a dodgy situation. It’s like thank you for releasing me to the next big thing!
  4. Working on myself and going to therapy. Doing the work! After all of these big things happened last year, I had a lot of highs and lows. I was really struggling to balance my emotions and I also found out I had poly-cystic ovaries. So that was really hard because my hormones were out of balance and I didn’t know how to deal with it. This was around the time I wrote Woman I’ve Become.  I don’t think you should ever be ashamed to ask for help. I feel much more confident and happy and emotionally balanced since doing the work. You can’t expect to improve if you don’t do it! It’s another facet in our lives that needs to be constantly worked on and probably the most important one in my opinion.

Confronting heartbreak, self-acceptance and love in her latest song, Maja reminds us it’s never too late to work on being the person we wish to become.

Maja’s latest single Woman I’ve Become is out now.