If anyone can attest to the unique experience Jungle Love Festival offers, it’s Brisbane indie-rockers Baskervillain. The band played at the inaugural Jungle Love Festival last year, and enjoyed the experience so much that they’re coming back to play again this year.

“We’re all really passionate about Jungle Love! Everything worked out so well last year – the organisers are really on the ball and motivated to do the best job they can to make the festival great. There’s a real community-focus and I think that’s why Jungle Love has so much potential to grow,” said drummer Lachy Giddings.

Boutique festivals like Jungle Love are gaining traction, offering an alternative, more intimate experience than the bigger, often over-crowded, mainstream festivals. As Lachy explains, it’s all about creating a good atmosphere, not attracting big name acts and selling heaps of tickets.

“There’s definitely been a surge in boutique festivals in Australia, where there’s a smaller number of tickets available and it’s all about the vibe of the festival itself. At Jungle Love there are a few big acts, but they’ve really gone out of their way to find and book local bands that are killer live.”

“They’re introducing people to upcoming artists, which is something I love about Jungle Love.”

Baskervillain were still breaking into the Brisbane music scene and hadn’t yet released their EP when Jungle Love approached them to play last year. Lachy says it’s that authentic dedication Jungle Love has for finding and supporting local artists who don’t necessarily have national press and radio support, that resonates with the local music community.

Now as they prepare for their second appearance at the festival, Baskervillain have been thinking about adding a few more instruments to their line-up to shake things up a bit.

“We’ve been watching videos of bands like Santana playing big festivals with all their different backing instruments and we really like the idea of doing that. Everyone dances at Jungle Love, so we’ll really try and play up to that and get out of our comfort zone a bit.”

When they’re not onstage, Lachy says you’ll find the band swimming in the creek, doing some yoga, and riding around the festival on the hot pink bikes. As someone who has been to the festival, he recommends getting involved in all the different activities Jungle Love offers, drinking heaps of water and slip, slop, slapping (because let’s face it, no one wants to look like one of the hot pink bikes upon leaving the festival)!

Listen to Baskervillain’s new EP Modern Lows and catch them at Jungle Love Festival 27-28 November. All festival and ticket information can be found on the Jungle Love website.