Lights dim, a guitar strums a few notes, the crowd begins to sway, and Tiarne takes the stage for the launch of her debut EP Bloom at Black Bear Lodge on Thursday, 9 November. Supported by Opaeka and Clawmachine, Tiarne had her audience simultaneously reflecting on their pasts and dancing along to her electronic-pop beats.

Supporting act Opaeka was the perfect opener for the night. His electronic tunes steadily built the evening’s vibe and had the crowd swaying along from the very beginning. Combining original tracks from his future EP with covers of hit Lorde songs like Writer In The Dark, Opaeka is a joy to watch on stage.

Clawmachine is simply unforgettable, from watching them hastily set up to seeing them fully rock out on stage. The five piece band works in harmony to create loud tunes and an equally loud crowd. Using signature guitar sounds, a constant backing drum beat, and keys mixed with vocals, Clawmachine had the crowd jumping up and down within seconds. Their latest release Notion hooks you in with its funky guitar and indie electronic sounds. Clawmachine is full of unmissable, upbeat fun and you’ll want to keep your eye out for any upcoming shows.

Throughout both of her supporting act’s sets, Tiarne wandered around the room greeting everyone and taking photos of her fellow artists. As she took to the stage, she introduced each member of her band and made sure everyone knew how thankful she was for them being there. A standout track from the night was Young, rearranged to incorporate a more upbeat, vibrant sound. Between songs Tiarne entertained with stories behind her songs, and apologised if any of her lipstick had smudged against the microphone and onto her nose (she’s a true sweetheart!). Finishing her set with one of her first releases, Golden, Tiarne jumped around on stage with her band in a flourish of guitar riffs and heavy drums. A huge smile on her face, and a little breathless from all the dancing, Tiarne ended the night with a sway of her hair and one final strum of her guitar.

Tiarne’s EP release was an incredible night, full of good times and great tunes. A sweetheart of the Brisbane music scene, Tiarne is an act you definitely need to see!

Tiarne’s debut EP Bloom is out now.