All you cool youth. I don’t relate to you.” That’s the defiant lyrical line from Brisbane electro-pop rebel LALKA’s second single Cool Youth which encourages individuals to own their uniqueness. In a world that embraces following the status quo, LALKA dares to be different, and she’s sharing some of her magic with a playlist that celebrates individuality.

“It’s always been important to celebrate what makes us unique. The fact that so many are vilified for being perceived as “different” to some predetermined “norm” makes it even more so. So I’ve put together a playlist of songs that celebrate individuality. All the tracks I’ve chosen are by artists who do their own thing by pushing the envelope musically, have powerful live shows, and aren’t afraid to speak out about the social issues that are important to them. I also selected these specific songs because they make me want to move my body, and I hope they make you want to move yours too.” – LALKA.

Hit play and immerse yourself in the inspiration!


Future Heroine | Ecca Vandal

Ecca Vandal’s music is genre-defying and her performances electric. It’s hard to think of a more daring and exciting artist in Australia right now than Ecca Vandal. She’s a pure heroine in my eyes.

Woman’s World | OKENYO 

This is the ultimate girl power anthem. The lyrics say enough!

Be Kind To Yourself | Willow Beats

This gorgeous track is an example of why I love Willow Beats so much. I love the way they manage to make electronic music that has such an earthy, organic feel – something that sets them apart from so many other electronic acts around. The message here is important too, and it’s an easy one to forget.

Virtuality | CORIN

I dare you to find another artist as unique as CORIN, or an electronic musician as technically accomplished as she is on the piano/keys! If you ever get a chance to catch a live set of hers, you’ll be amazed – and inspired – by her skill and the wild idiosyncrasies of her music. Cool AF.

Clap Clap | Miss Blanks

If you haven’t heard of Miss Blanks yet, get on board. Her music is completely infectious and she wields it as a powerful weapon. Raw, bold and proud.

Wannabe | Yeo

Yeo’s one of the hardest working musicians in the industry. He’s got no time for your shit, and he’s self-assured – as he should be, because his music is damn fine. I got to guest sing this track with him on his recent national tour (and it was ridiculous amounts of fun). “All the pros wanna come to the show / throw money at me ’cause they know / we’re the next big thing” – watch out, he’s the next big thing and you’ll want to see this pop keytar wizard at his next show.

Cool Youth | LALKA

This one can be summed up pretty simply: basically, fuck what the cool kids think. If it makes you want to dance, you can come see it live at my single launch show at The End on 30 November, with support from Opaeka, live projections by me, and more surprises!

Catch LALKA at her Cool Youth single + video launch show at The End on 30 November.