On their sophomore effort, Australian band Kurilpa Reach cement themselves as one of Brisbane’s favourite acts. 

If you’re a seasoned live music fan in Brisbane, you’ve likely witnessed or at least heard of West End quintet Kurilpa Reach. Combining influences of reggae, dub and rock, these talented lads take the eclectic energy of their live shows and distil it into electrifying studio recordings. Case in point: their recently released sophomore EP Can’t Put Us Out Easy. A euphoric record sure to raise spirits and kick off any party.

Moments of quiet are few and far between on this release, a fact that will come as no surprise to the band’s loyal following. Title track Can’t Put Us Out Easy kicks off proceedings with a patient combination of brass and percussion that leads into the exquisitely catchy hooks the band are known for. Lead single Sweet Release then continues the spirited vibe with a hook equally as delicious.

Kurilpa Reach then switches things up with a few slower numbers that are just as captivating. The beautifully dreamy Leapt Off showcases vivid, jazzy instrumentation with some of the EP’s most passionate vocals on display. Next up is the intimate Me and the Sea, a tune that weaves blissful group vocals together with some more exquisite brass and a carefree groove. On Dealer, the band effortlessly combines reggae and funk with a sensual instrumental palette. The most energetic number is surprisingly left for the closing track Reggae Woman. An infectious conclusion that wraps up the EP with a taste of all the band’s greatest aspects.

On their sophomore EP, the quintet boasts their best and most expansive instrumentals to date, memorable hooks and incredibly tight performances. With Can’t Put Us Out Easy, Kurilpa Reach continue their rise and cement their place as one of the best bands in Brisbane.


Feature image: Kurilpa Reach by Spark Concepts