If you thought Kate Heart’s self-titled, debut EP was a sonic bundle of positivity, her Big Love Tour which kicks off this week, is going to be next level inspiring.

Combining the simplicity of stripped back vocals and acoustic guitar, each show will be an intimate affair that gives audiences the chance to hear Kate’s soulful, folk-pop tunes exactly as they were written.

There are some outstanding local guests on the line-up too, including country crooner Brad Butcher, alt-pop songstress Ivey and Sunshine Coast rising star Jack Gray. Fans heading along to the Toowoomba show are also in for a special treat, with esteemed artist Laura Douglas joining Kate onstage to create an improvised painting.

With so much love, inspiration and cool stuff crammed into each show, we asked Kate to share some of the things that inspired her while she was designing the Big Love Tour


  1. Spreading Kindness. The world is so many shades of messed up, I play music to try and make people’s hearts calm and happy while they listen.1
  2. Family. My husband & and my little boy – they are my ‘Big Love’.2
  3. Joan Baez. She is one of my idols, she sings for the sake of sharing important messages, often serious ones about human rights and the persecutions of minorities.  I like to think of myself as a bit of a modern day Joan.3
  4. South East Queensland. Such an enchanting pocket of the world I live in.  What a privilege to sing my way around it.4
  5. Labour of Love. I believe no loss no gain.  We get what we work for.  Its seems small but putting this tour together independently while juggling motherhood, wifehood and some has been a decent challenge.  But I love working for what I’m most driven about – MUSIC!5
  6. Divinity. I want to create music that wraps people up in lotus flower beauty.6
  7. Human Rights. One of my songs is called Stand Up.  It’s about standing up against the Communist Parties persecution of Falun Gong.7

For a night of heart-warming music that will invigorate your soul, make sure you book tickets to one Kate Heart’s Big Love Tour.

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Featured image by Lix North