From 30 November to 2 December, Imbil on the Sunshine Coast will come alive with rocking music and fantastical energy as Jungle Love Festival kicks off their fourth year bigger and better than ever. With Jungle Love running for three days this year, there’s even more acts to see. So if you haven’t joined the Jungle Love party yet but are heading there for the weekend, here’s our top tunes to keep you company on your roadtrip!

  1. Stuck In The Mud – LeSuits | LISTEN HERE |

    Stuck In The Mud is a crazy mix of funk-rock featuring jazz like elements that create an instant party no matter where you are, or who you’re with.
  2. Nazi Art – Fight Ibis | LISTEN HERE |

    Nazi Art is a catchy and smooth rock and funk fusion with a groove that’ll make you move.
  3. So They Say – Golden Age Of Ballooning | LISTEN HERE |

    A beautiful pop-rock melody, So They Say will stir all your emotions. This heavy beat song features stunning guitars and heart ripping lyrics.
  1. Leader/Deciever – Hobo Magic | LISTEN HERE |

    Leader/Deciever is a skillful heavy-rock anthem that will have your entire body lit with a fire of movement.
  1. Human Condition – Moodie Gloom | LISTEN HERE |

    With stunning vocals and electronic elements Human Condition will leave you wanting more Moodie Gloom.
  2. Quicksand – Pink Matter | LISTEN HERE |

    Quicksand is a soulful song that will sooth your senses.
  3. Geneva – Wolver | LISTEN HERE |

    Geneva has a haunting indie presence with a hard rock backing that will have you feeling all the feels.
  4. It’s A Love –Baskervillain | LISTEN HERE |It’s A Love is an addictive track with a relaxed vibe and a beat that will have you dancing in the jungle!


This is just a taste of the awesome acts coming to this year’s Jungle Love Festival. Don’t forgot to get your tickets before they’re gone!!