Hound have set the bar high in 2016 with plans to release, not one, not two, but THREE EPs! If all goes well, they’ve even toyed with the idea of combining all three into a vinyl, album-type release.

The band, who have been making pop-punk rock music together since 2012, decided early on that they had enough songs to create multiple records this year, and thought why not?

“It was originally going to be two EPs, but the idea to do three simply came down to ‘fuck it, we’ve got enough songs in the pipeline so let’s just bloody get on with it’,” said guitarist Lucas Colin.

“It’s been an enormous relief to just chuck anything and everything at a wall together and see what bounced back. If it weren’t for the apocalyptic drinking schedules, I’d be tempted to say it’s the healthiest thing we’ve ever done with ourselves!”

MiniVolume, the first of the three records, has just been released and features the band’s latest single Drown.

“Drown is about liquid, but not the one you typically swim in. You could swim in the liquid, but you’d have to have a lot of money because it’s taxed pretty highly.”

Before embarking on their MiniVolume East Coast tour next month, Hound will be joining the likes of Dune Rats, WAAX and Twin Haus at The Blurst Of Times Festival in Brisbane on Saturday night.

For those who want to keep the good times rollin’ at The Blurst Of Times Festival this weekend, Lucas has the following tip…

“Drink some water or you’ll go full troppo far too early.”

Catch Hound at The Blurst of Times Festival this Saturday, 16 April or on their upcoming MiniVolume Tour:

7 May – Last Chance Bar, Melbourne
13 May – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
21 May – Glebe Record Crate, Sydney

The Blurst Of Times Festival