Brisbane indie-pop newcomer Hobart Curtis knows a thing or two about hit-making. His debut single Jackpot went straight to rotation on Triple J while his follow up single Am I Crazy appeased influential online tastemakers. Now he’s back with his third single Hits, and it’s a ripper.

Inspired by David Cross’ movie of the same name, Hits unpacks the (sometimes shallow) quest for success.

“Hits is about my shallow thirst for fame and validation. The movie it’s inspired by stars this girl who has these dreams of being famous and I saw myself wanting similar out-of-reach dreams. It sent me into this spiral of thinking why do I want to succeed,” said Hobart.

Hits is my realisation that I may never reach my dreams, but that’s alright.”

With a career on the trajectory of success, we asked Hobart to give us his insights on fellow Brisbane artists he thinks will make it big in twenty-seventeen. Here’s his top predictions…


  1. Golden Vessel – Probably not the boldest prediction, things are already sort of blowing up for the lad. It’s likely people are going to take notice in 2017 if his track Vines is any indication.
  2. Alex L’Estrange – This guy oozes credibility. He’s edging his way into people’s peripherals song by song, and I think that he’s already got some heavy hitter’s backing him.
  3. Mallrat – “Hannah Montana of the Rap Game”. She probably already has people’s attention but thus far she’s been consistent, will do well if she keeps this up. So much love.
  4. Cln. Love the vibes. Super in-season sound and hits all the right notes. Bringing something different to some of these chill ensembles coming out these days. Could have a huge 2017 as I’m sure it’s in the plan.
  5. Sunhaus – I love the whole intent of their music and I can relate to their lyrics. Already gaining traction. 2017 could be the year.

Keep your eyes and ears open for new music from Hobart in 2017!