From online love ranging in the hundreds of thousands, 10 weeks in the AMRAP charts and airplay on national radio, Emily Wurramara has achieved some amazing things as an emerging artist.

Using her music to raise awareness of issues that are important to her, the release of Emily’s Black Smoke EP in 2016 struck a chord with the community, inspiring the hearts and minds of many.

In her latest single Hey Love, released last month, Emily turns a negative experience into a message of hope – that we should respect one another and always spread love.

“My mother inspired me to write this song based on an incident that happened to her when she was in high school. I believe using your voice in music to speak about issues effecting all humans creates a movement, because everyone understands music – it can start a revolution,” said Emily.

To celebrate the release of Hey Love, Emily has shared with us her tips for spreading love everyday…

  1. Smile!!! Someone may be having a bad day and I know when I do and some random person smiles at me I smile back and it’s just that little exchange with a stranger that makes you remember not everything is bad and that someone is willing to give you the time to connect with a radiant smile.
  2. Always show gratitude. Being grateful I’ve learnt is one of the most beautiful attributes, it shows you appreciate that person’s time, energy and presence.
  3. Go into situations with an open heart and mind. You never know what amazing beautiful person you’re going to meet! Never judge a book by its cover because things aren’t always as they seem.
  4. My grandmother always told me to treat people equally and with respect. It doesn’t matter where they go, where they come from, whether they’re young or old. Respect and equality sets a good example for our younger ones as well, we’re role models.
  5. Leave em laughing!!! It’s always the best to see another person laugh because of your silliness – they remember you forever. Laughter is so contagious, I recall many times where one person laughs and we all end up laughing just because we can, and end up in tears.
  6. Compliment people. It could be on the colour of their eyes, their smile – anything! Remind people that they are beautiful and unique.
  7. Be generous. I always give things away, material possessions don’t satisfy me at all, it’s the memories that I carry in my heart that do. Do a big spring clean and just give away everything! You don’t always have to sell your things, you feel good in your heart and soul when you give freely.

Listen to Emily’s empowering new single Hey Love and keep up-to-date with this inspiring singer-songwriter via her website.