Last Friday, Brisbane ska-punk band Alla Spina celebrated their fifth birthday. To mark this momentous occasion, they released their debut music video for their new single Goodbye (below) and announced an East Coast tour. Now that, is how you celebrate in style!

For their first music video, the band wanted to convey the energy, power and passion of their live shows, opting to perform the song instead of creating a visual narrative. If you’ve never seen Alla Spina live before, now is the time to grab some tickets, watch Goodbye and see what you’re in for.

In the spirit of celebrating Alla Spina’s fifth birthday, we asked the band to share with us, some of the things they’ve learned in their five years together. Here’s what lead singer and guitarist Simonne Lupinetti had to say:

  1. Play lots of gigs – especially in the beginning.
    This is really important so your band becomes tight, you can tell the difference between a band that’s played live a lot and ones that haven’t. You also get really good at your instrument and playing with other musicians, learning from each other along the way.

  2. Local bands should work together whenever possible.
    We try to share as much knowledge as possible with fellow local bands about booking gigs, promotion, sharing gear etc. It really makes a difference when you’re trying really hard to cover a lot of bases and someone gives you a hand and vice versa. We try to promote lots of our friends’ gigs, invite newly formed bands to play with us, and go along to as many shows as possible to support the local music scene.

  3. Being professional helps when booking gigs and networking.
    There’s a lot more competition so people who book venues don’t want someone who’s hard to work with. Also, getting to know other bands is really important – be friendly and approachable. Be fit and healthy as well – you’ll play better shows.

  4. It’s good to keep up with the music industry.
    There are usually free seminars you can go to that offer hints and expert advice on how to get your band out there and about recording and releasing records. Attending these events can give you ideas that you might not have thought of yet, especially if you’re self-managed.

  5. The most important lesson, though, is to have the right band members.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice musician or a highly skilled virtuoso, you must have the right attitude and be prepared to go above and beyond for your band. Each member has to sacrifice lots of time and money and really work together when playing and be on the same page. Everything else will fall into place but that is the one thing you have to get right!

Happy fifth birthday Alla Spina, here’s to many, many more!

Head to All Spina’s Facebook page for more information and tour details.

Watch: Goodbye By Alla Spina