Not content with stagnating in life, Americana rockers Good Will Remedy are inspiring listeners to shake things up on rollicking new single Piggy In The Middle.

Giving nod to influences like Black Crowes and AC/DC’s Malcolm Young, Piggy In The Middle is a Southern-fried taste of the band’s forthcoming album. Exploring the notion of constantly playing a game you can’t win, Piggy In The Middle is a song about frustration and backing yourself enough to make a change.

“I found myself in a situation questioning why the hell I was playing the game,” said front man Will Lebihan.

“At the end of the day we all have a choice to make and staying in a particular situation is our own decision. Everyone needs to hold an inner confidence – a sense of worth – and no-one or no-situation should ever be allowed to bring this into question. Piggy In The Middle encourages listeners to learn from these situations, and move on with no regrets.”

With a new album in the works and solid touring goals for 2018, Good Will Remedy are practicing what they preach when it comes to aiming high. For now though, they’re gearing up to launch Piggy In The Middle at New Globe Theatre this Friday night.

“We have played a lot of great shows at the New Globe and were saddened by the recent news of its closure – so we are really keen to play the venue one last time and invite everyone to come celebrate our launch and a great venue in one night!”

Spice up your life with Good Will Remedy’s inspiring new single Piggy In The Middle and catch them live at New Globe Theatre this Friday night, 23 March. All event info HERE.