Gold Coast indie-pop quartet The Goldhearts have been creating a buzz with their new album The Rise & Fall Of The Goldhearts. Released just last month, the album has garnered national and international attention, and been likened to the sounds of Nirvana, PJ Harvey and The Kills.

With their Brisbane album launch just around the corner, we caught up with front woman Margy Joughin to discuss the inspiration and meaning behind each track on the band’s new record. Here’s everything you need to know…


Here’s The Thing
This is a straight-up, guitar driven pop infector. It will get into your brain and you will sing along with this simple advice for the loved up – hit the road and take it slow, have a shot and do the lot.

Rise And Fall
“Hear the call to stand up tall” and sing this sweet anthem of redemption and triumph that brings back the drum roll. It goes out to the broken, broken hearted and broken up.  Try not to cry during the bridge or just grab some tissues and surrender to this uplifting hanky winger.

Cry For You
There’s double and triple crossing in this sad and sorry love triangle, where these indulgent art school antagonists write novelettes and create stencil art in their spare time. But do they get back together after all this time or does the past come back to stay?

On The Run
“When you’re on the run, don’t stop for no one. If you’re smoking crack watch out for the jacks (the cops).” When you need advice just roll the dice…shooting from the hip this country-tinged, swaggering singalong laced in tremolo provides some beginners advice from one crim to the next.  Possibly self-evident but it never hurts to remember this baddy adage, “When you’re on the run, don’t stop for no one.”

County Jail
The best drum roll to start a song since drummers started taking speed. This disco, country-tinged love story played with the foot on the distortion pedal and the accelerator on loud, proves that love will jump over to wrong side of the track.

Already Gone
“On your mark and think it over but she’s already gone, get so go and think it over.” But don’t think too hard because this horse has bolted.  Already Gone is a story about a slow learner, contemplating the end of a relationship but not realising that the other party has emotionally vacated the commune.  All hooks, all catch, all harmonies.  Girl vocals and Big Bigger Biggest guitars.

The Not So Nice Singer Songwriter
Someone was having a bad day when this nasty pasty big chorus hoedown singalong was penned, but in their defence it sounds like whoever was in this line of fire wouldn’t get out of the way.

It’s you
Did someone request a catchy pop song?  Pop melody, pop harmony, killer grunge bridge, oh and in case you were wondering who the new found love interest is in this tune…it’s you!

Across The Water
How did Little White Dove, Running Bear and the Marlborough Man weave their way past this catchy chorus to an industrial rock ending? Take a listen and follow this universal journey about leaving your hometown – could it be about leaving Brisbane?

Closing Down Sale
Hurry last days of this relationship better hold a closing down sale, hang out the dirty laundry, shed a tear or two, smoke the peace pipe, and agree it’s time to move on.

That Line
Don’t be fooled by the cute girl vocals and harmonies or the slow swinging grunge guitars.  We have a quick worker here.  From the bar “don’t you think I know that line,” to shacked up “can you turn out the light?” and it all happened in 3 mins 11 seconds.

Too late
Running late for work, late for love, and late for life, but the hook laden singalong and the clues in the bridge provides a therapeutic antidote for the untimely in love and life

Fading Light
Are black cats camping on your porch at night? Head for the hills, and strike gold…or so say the Goldhearts as they tip their hat to the fallen in this slower style, country-tinged waltz positively postulating that if your luck does catch up with you, it’s going to be alright even in this fading light.

Armed with Margy’s intriguing insights, give The Goldhearts’ album another spin, learn the words and get ready to party at their Brisbane album launch.

The Goldhearts will launch their album The Rise & Fall Of The Goldhearts this Friday, 24 June at The Backroom, as a part of Vincent & Jules’ Cookies & Cream Series. All event info is available here.

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