Phil Barlow and The Wolf have just released their second studio album The Awakening, and to celebrate they’re throwing an album launch party at The Bearded Lady next Saturday night.

Combining blues, rock, roots and funk, The Awakening explores the human experience and the quest many go through to unearth their true self. Leader of the wolf-pack Phil Barlow, says the album explores his own ‘awakening’ which saw him rethink the things he believed defined his life.

“There was a time when I believed that my thoughts, the people I was with, the job I had, my possessions, my morals, my body, all defined who I was. And I wasn’t happy. The album explores this realisation,” he said.

“On the surface, The Awakening is a rollicking good time of sex, desire and lust. But beyond the shallows, it’s about letting go of your fears and the limits of the human condition to find a deeper knowledge of who you truly are, irrespective of what happens in the outside world.”

The album has received strong reviews so far, with the band earning a solid fan base and a growing reputation for their musical feast of bluesy swagger, rock riffs and tastes of funk. While listening to the album is a luscious experience, nothing compares to seeing this wolf-pack bring their music to life on stage and feeling the connection they create with their audience.

“The thing we all love about performing live is the connection we feel with each other on a musical level, and with each person in the room. There’s something about our music and lyrics that brings out the wilder side in everyone.”

Things are sure to get wild at The Bearded Lady next Saturday night, when the wolf-pack launch their album in style with fellow Brisbanites Go Van Go and Quazi-Smith. We anticipate all of West End will be able to hear the band and fans, howling down the house and having a good time!

“If you join us, and I mean really join us in that room, in that moment, then together we will glimpse something greater than ourselves in an explosion of our wild and untamed true natures. Be warned, the spark we intend to create may well light an endless fire in you, as music has for us. See you soon howlers!”

Get ready to HOWL Brisbane, Phil Barlow and The Wolf hit up The Bearded Lady next Saturday, 14 November. Head to the band’s website to join the wolf-pack and get more info on the show.