Brisbane rockers The Stone Fox have been playing together since 2010, and in that time they’ve worked hard to refine their sound. As can be expected the four-piece have had a few interesting experiences during their six years together.

One such experience involves gum and a near-car crash in Newcastle, according to vocalist Ben Nelson.

“I was driving back down the highway deep in conversation telling a story to the boys. I was getting pretty damn animated in whatever it was I was talking crap about. Chewing gum and waving my arms around telling this story, when suddenly I started choking on my gum swerving all over the road.  Seriously death defying stuff! Yet the other boys thought it was hilarious not caring if we plunged to our death,” he said.

The band have just finished recording their second album, Roll The Dice, which Ben says is more comprehensive musically than their previous release.

Roll The Dice has a lot more direction and substance. The songs fit in together a lot better. We love our debut album but this next one is going to leave it for dead! We can’t wait for everyone to hear this monster.”

The Stone Fox will be playing at Vincent & Jules’ Cookies & Cream #6 this Friday, 23 September and they’re keen to finally hit the stage again after being locked away in the studio.

“We have been in hibernation for months now with the recordings of the album. It will be badass to get back on stage and have some fun.”

As for the rest of the year, the band say they are aiming for world domination.

“We would like to see this new album reach every corner of the globe! We want people in Finland, Spain and Japan dancing and rocking their socks off to these new jams.  We also want to be able to perform to all the beautiful Fox family that has supported us for the past six years. We love them.”

Join the Fox family and see The Stone Fox perform at Cookie & Cream #6 at The Backroom this Friday night, 23 September. All event information available here.  

Cookies + Cream #6