One of Brisbane’s premier festivals for heavy music, Outmoshyama returned for its third year last month. Delivering a potent line-up of the hottest up-and-coming names in hard rock and metal, this all-ages event left punters (happily) sore the next day from moving and screaming along to the music. Our resident photographer and lover of heavy music, Renee Barlow, was there to capture the mammoth energy of all 24 bands. Here’s the second round of happy snaps featuring Zero1ZeroTrinatydeA Somerset ParadeNew Clear VisionPlague The CityDisKustMedics of PainRED SEAKold CreaturePurEnvYMassic  and FRANKENBOK.


All images © Renee Barlow. Use of these images must be credited to Renee Barlow of Scarlet Harlotte.