A coming-out-of-covid event created with the sole purpose of putting smiles on dials, the inaugural Coochiemudlo Island Festival treated punters to an idyllic day of fun, sun and sound last Saturday, 8 May 2021. Delivering a potent line-up of Queensland’s finest acts, this all-ages event left audiences glowing as they relaxed beachside with family and friends. Our resident photographer and lover of local music, Renee Barlow, was there to capture the mammoth energy of all eight bands. Here’s the happy snaps featuring Red Belly Black, Ruby Gilbert, The Holy Rollercoasters, Adele & The Chandeliers, Karl S. Williams, The Double Happiness, Bobby Alu (solo) and Chocolate Strings.

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All images © Renee Barlow. Use of these images must be credited to Renee Barlow of Scarlet Harlotte.