Gold Coast native Sypress’ new single Bother Me is a pop house-inspired bop designed to make you feel “optimistic about how good love can be!”

Singer, producer, and house DJ Sypress has had an interesting life. A Gold Coast native who grew up on a yacht, she started out running a successful fashion business before changing course to pursue her music dreams in 2014. Now based in Bondi, she creates house-inspired pop pieces from her home studio and is thrilled to be living and breathing her life’s passion.

“I had a pretty rough upbringing and music really gave me a positive spark in my heart and soul. A reason to do, a reason to be. I love creating and performing and feel so blessed to have found the thing that drives me and makes me so happy and motivated about life,” said Isy Piper aka Sypress.

The follow-up to debut track Back2U, her upbeat sophomore single Bother Me radiates feel good vibes about how good love can be. Produced by Aaron Bannie, an early version of the track nearly ended up as Bannie’s own release, but upon hearing the intro synth Sypress says she was sold and decided to make it her own. Written with best friend FOSTYR, Bother Me is particularly important to the singer.

“Jesse, aka FOSTYR, unfortunately is not with us anymore and this makes this music even more special to me. Every time I hear it, I remember us spending hours laughing and messing around in my home studio recording the demo. Rest in peace, angel.”

The single also holds further significant meaning for the singer-songwriter, addressing issues of self-worth.

Bother Me was definitely inspired by a strong feeling of knowing my worth and owning my sexuality. But also, when I meet a guy and he just doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into and I feel I should warn him of the ride he is jumping on.”

One major challenge Sypress has faced in her creative journey is having to finance her music without a team for support. Fortunately, during the first COVID-19 wave in 2020, she was awarded a grant through the Australian Council Of The Arts, which funded the majority of the production and recording of her upcoming EP.

Isy also notes that times have changed, and it can be harder to breakthrough into venues without a booking agent. However, her passion for the music she creates inspires her to keep moving through each challenge she meets.

With her debut EP – also titled Bother Me – set for future release, the DJ has an inspiring message she hopes listeners take away from her music.

“You can be it all! Beautiful, soft and heartbroken or rough and strong AF. You are you and that is 100% dope!”

Listen to Sypress’ new single Bother Me below, and follow her on Instagram to stay in-the-know.