Writing, in some shape or form, has always been the dream for Brisbane indie artist Aiden Bradley.

An aspiring author from a young age, Aiden took a detour from his writing goals to study architecture at university.  It was during this period, which he describes as the worst year of his life, that his pastime playing in bands became his driving passion.

Having played in local outfits like Yeaman Shore and Trapped Admirals, Aiden decided to strike out on his own last year, and has since released a handful of solo singles. His latest is the poignant Stubborn Hearts, which as the title suggests is all about being stubborn in matters of the heart.

“The song details the feeling in a relationship where you really click with someone, there’s loads of chemistry and everything should be perfect, but the timing just isn’t quite right.  It’s about fighting hard to make difficult circumstances work in your favour,” he said.

Citing influences like Jeff Buckley, The Wombats, Funkadelic and early Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Aiden says he pulls inspiration from unlikely places to create music that reflects pieces of his life. He puts time aside to write every day, and is currently working on his debut EP.

“I’ve been writing this collection of work since I was 15. Every gig I play, I test these songs, and they change and adapt, and sometimes you just hit something and you think ‘that’s what I wanted.’”

He’s also working on a couple of collaborative singles with other artists which he hopes to release throughout the year. For now though, he’s got some cool shows lined up, including an opening spot at Roo’s Live Experience’s First Birthday Party later this month.

“The live show is always different to the studio versions of the tracks which is fun. When I’m in the studio, I can fool around with the arrangement and find stuff that’s new and interesting. The live show is all about making it work – I use a loop pedal and a bunch of effects to keep things dynamic.”

Aiden will play alongside fellow locals including Baltimore Gun Club, Being Jane Lane and Ellie Jane in night that celebrates the Brisbane music scene and one of its biggest supporters – Roo.

Catch Aiden playing at Roo’s Live Experience’s First Birthday Party at the New Globe Theatre on Saturday, 20 May. All event information is available HERE. Download Aiden’s latest single ‘Stubborn Hearts’ via Triple J Unearthed HERE