Acclaimed songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Francesca de Valence is returning home to tell the stories of her travels with her new shows Songs de Paris.

In 2017, Francesca travelled to the bright, musical streets of Paris alone, with an empty notebook and an empty heart. She hoped to find inspiration for her song-writing, and was successful in her search for a muse. In Paris, she was able to connect with her French heritage, and began writing a body of work titled Songs de Paris.

After returning to Australia and celebrating a season of sell-out shows, Francesca set off to Paris once again in 2018. This time, she travelled in the Spring to Paris’ warm streets. While in the same city that had captured her heart once before, she was able to experience a new season, with brighter colours and sun-fuelled light.

This has resulted in a new musical commentary on Paris, perfect for her second showcasing of Songs de Paris.

This time, Francesca is taking her shows to the next level. This new set of intimate solo shows features projected images to help further support the delights and celebrations of Francesca’s stories of Paris.

As an award-winning creative soul, Francesca possesses the ability to nurture creative expression, both in herself and others. It is clear that her music, and the concept for her shows comes straight from her heart. Meanwhile, her sparkling, bubbly personality shines through in everything she does.

As a result, Songs de Paris is imbued with a sense of Francesca’s love for music, storytelling, and creativity.

Told through the eyes of a new lover, a foreigner, and a women, Songs de Paris will have you feeling sentimental and joyful all at once. These shows are truly something special, and Francesca brings a new energy to the Brisbane music scene every time she returns. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!

Francesca De Valence’s Songs de Paris shows kick off at Pyramids Roads Wines this Saturday 4 August before returning to Brisbane’s Mas & Miek Ceramic House next Saturday, 11 August. Tickets and more info on the shows can be found HERE.