Variety is the spice of life, and that’s exactly what promotions gurus Vincent & Jules had in mind for their newest show series, Indie Kunst, which launches this weekend.

Spread over two nights (Friday 28 – Saturday, 29 October) at The Backroom, Indie Kunst brings together some of the hippest reggae, dub, rock, alternative, grunge, stoner, hard rock, folk, indie rock, indie pop, and surf punk acts from South East Queensland.

“Indie Kunst is all about celebrating more music and more acts in one show,” said co-founder Amanda Terry.

Designed to deliver a mini-festival experience without the worry of set clashes and fatigue from all day festivities, Indie Kunst divides and conquers with groove, reggae, dub, indie rock acts on Friday and folk, alternative, grunge and more indie bands on Saturday.

Indie Kunst is a collection of artists and musicians getting their brushes dirty, making the stage their canvas and slapping on that first coat of paint. It’s not any old masterpiece, but a platform for creatives to really hone their craft,” said co-found Christina Langham.

To help get you pumped and ready to roll at Indie Kunst this weekend, Christina and Amanda have put together four tunes by Indie Kunst artists for you to rock out to.


  1. Cry Baby – Doozy Daze | LISTEN HERE
    We share the sentiment with these surf punk legends – We, too, don’t give a fuck about the Bachelor.
  2. Space – Vaguely Human | LISTEN HERE
    There’s just such an incredible message behind this track, and it’s uplifting and positive in the process. That’s what we love about Vaguely Human, they get you thinking like a good friend having a D&M.
  3. Daeonica – Nila Bonda | LISTEN HERE
    This track has Metallica overtones in the beginning, and screams along like a car with the brakes cut. Relentless, damaging, there’s no stopping Nila Bonda once they’re on their way.
  4. Dominique – Something Something Explosion | LISTEN HERE
    What is it about Something Something Explosion that makes us want to be them? Maybe it’s the reference to Daria, maybe it’s their self-depreciative questioning, maybe they just sound like our teenage conscious and they make us want to go skating.

Grab your mates and/or a date and get down to The Backroom tonight and tomorrow night for some sweet as music at Indie Kunst! Tickets $5 per day presale, $10 per day on the door. All event info here.