ÆTHER Sessions #8 is fast approaching with a line up that’s going to make you not just want to be there, but need to be there. Taking place this Friday night, 22 September at Woolly Mammoth, ÆTHER Sessions #8 brings together a mix of astounding local artists for a decorated event that will transport you to another world.

Curated by a small team of Brisbane-based music-lovers, ÆTHER Sessions is a unique and highly anticipated bi-monthly event that sets itself apart with ambient lighting, visual projections, hanging displays and glowing décor to accompany the city’s hottest emerging acts. Plus, they provide the ultimate chill-out haven with cushions, inflatables, blankets and milk crates scattered across the floor.

If that’s not enough reasons to make ÆTHER Sessions #8 your Friday night hang out choice, the line-up alone provides four more…

  1. Local shoegaze titans DEAFCULT are headlining.
    Experience a dreamy mix of rock and pop with DEAFCULT. With a massive six-piece band, their magical soundscape will take over your senses and get you in the groove.
  2. Brisbane veteran Seja Vogel is on the bill.
    It’s not often that you cross paths with an artist with as much experience as Seja. With 19 years of performing and music making under her belt (both in a band, and as a soloist), you can be sure hers will be a unique musical performance.
  3. Experience the revolutionary sound that is House of Giants.
    Learn to love and appreciate instrumental music on a whole other level with House of Giants. The five-piece band is changing the face of rock with no vocals and a seemingly perfect combination of instruments that will blow your mind.
  4. Be there for Through Forest & Field’s DEBUT performance.
    How many times have you gotten the chance to watch a band’s debut performance? Well at ÆTHER 2017, you can. Through Forest & Field are gearing up for their first live show and they may just become your new favourite band.

Grab a new $10 note (yup, one of those fancy ones they printed this week), and buy a pre-sale ticket to ÆTHER Sessions #8 this Friday, 22 September at Woolly Mammoth. All event info HERE.

ÆTHER Sessions