Lockout laws got you down? Then you better get along to The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl next Saturday night for a music soaked, venue-hopping night to remember. Did we mention it’s FREE?

Mountain Goat Valley Crawl will be one hell of a party with 20 bands taking to the stages of iconic Brisbane venues The Brightside, The Zoo, The Foundry and Black Bear Lodge. Brisbane electronic duo FOREVR are on the bill and they’ve got a few practical tips on how to make the most of the night.

“Definitely show up early and make sure you’re wearing something with pockets so you don’t have to carry a bag because bags are a drag. Also, wear comfortable shoes and if you’re planning on venue-hopping, try to do it so your path resembles a pentagram,” said vocalist Sam George-Allen.

When they’re not onstage, the band will be venue-hopping themselves to catch their favourite Brisbane acts.

“We’re keen to see Babaganoüj play and Tempura Nights who really know how to party. We’re also excited to see MKO Sun because we’ve heard heaps about her live show and dig the stuff she’s put out recently.”

While Brisbane’s music scene is often overshadowed by those of Sydney and Melbourne, FOREVR believe it’s the tightness of the local music community here (evident in events like MGVC) that makes our scene unique.

“We only have a few really great live venues which means that people genuinely care about supporting them. Seems like people in Brisbane don’t mind so much about paying to see music either (lookin’ at you, Sydney). The scene here is small but supportive and it always feels genuine.”

Fans can expect to hear one really loud guitar and very little talking at FOREVR’s Mountain Goat Valley Crawl set, so make sure your feet are prepared for dancing!

“All we want is for people to enjoy listening to the music, and maybe feel some feelings about it.”

Catch FOREVR at The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl next Saturday night, 27 February. All event details can be found here.  Full timetable below.


Mountain Goat Valley Crawl Timetable