With a debut EP that has seen her top the Triple J Unearthed charts, gain national radio play and garner recognition from the likes of QMusic, Brisbane’s alt-pop delight Fieu knows a thing or two about making the seemingly impossible, possible.

She’s come a long way from the girl who started out not wanting to play music for the public and says what she has achieved so far was at first, unimaginable.

“I never thought I’d have my music played on Triple J, be featured in TV campaigns, collaborate with cool people and play festivals with my talented band who have become my best friends,” she said.

“My biggest personal achievement has definitely been letting those walls down and going for it.”

Fieu’s “as long as you can dream it, you can do it” philosophy is reflected in her latest single Impossible, which she released at The Zoo just last week.

Impossible started out as a statement that it is impossible, but as time went on my own strength changed my perception and the song became an empowering pep talk.”

To celebrate her fiery spirit, and the release of her new single, we asked Fieu to list five things that are currently “impossible” that she wishes were possible.


  1. Self-driving cars. What if we could program our destination then have a snooze while our magic car gets us there? This would particularly be amazing after a late night gig!
  2. The ability to download skills or talents. For example, I like gardening but I’m really not good at keeping plants alive. I wish there was a way I could instantly adapt the skills for a flourishing garden!
  3. Baked goods teleportation. My sister lives in Melbourne and often will text me pictures of her latest baked cheesecake creations. I need instant access to these.
  4. The ability to pause time. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels like the days are shorter and the years are going past way too fast! I’ve often wished I could pause time just for a couple of hours to catch up or take a breather.
  5. World peace. I know this one might be cliché, but sadly it’s an issue we can’t see a resolution for any time soon.

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