We’ve compiled some of the most common questions we get asked about Music Is My Muse. Hopefully your question is answered here, if not please send us an email.

What genres does MIMM cover?

Music Is My Muse is not dedicated to any specific genre. We enjoy promoting all types of music!

Does MIMM promote cover bands?

No. We focus on bands and artists creating original music.

Does MIMM promote national and international artists who are touring Brisbane?

Typically no, but on the odd occasion we might if a particular artist catches our attention and we feel compelled to write about them. Our main focus though, is on promoting the abundance of home-grown talent we have here in Queensland.

Is MIMM available to come to gigs, festivals and other music events?

We don’t have a dedicated ‘roving reviewer’ team just yet, so keep our live reviews to a minimum. However, we endeavour to make it to as many events as possible (time allowing). We love receiving invitations, so if you’d like us to consider your gig or event, shoot us a message via email.

Does MIMM offer internships/work experience?

We currently work with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to provide internships in music journalism, communication and marketing. We do not offer work experience outside of these structured programs.