After 14 years as one of Brisbane’s favourite garage-surf outifts, The Plastic Fangs are bidding their fans farewell with the release of their album Holy Moley and one fangtastic final show this Saturday, 2 December at The Bearded Lady.

Teaming up with their “big brothers” of the surf scene, King Kongo, the band’s Holy Moley will play B-side to King Kong’s Live at The Lowbrow Lounge A-side on a split cassette release by Valley Heat Records.

“Our vision for this record was to go out in true, trash, surf terror with a catalogue of teeth clenching, turbo charged garage punk anthems. The tracks on Holy Moley have been floating around our set list for some time now, so we decided to record them for all to hear, before we call it a day,” said front man Sean Endicott.

“On Holy Moley you’ll find moments of Ennio Morricone inspired, spaghetti western numbers, remnants of garage surf gods The Cramps, pieces of Russia’s greatest export Messer Chups and the king of surf guitar himself, Dick Dale.”

In a cool tribute to both bands, the artwork for the King Kong/Plastic Fangs cassette features a giant ape battling a fanged beast against a backdrop of Brisbane’s cityscape with the iconic Mount Coot-tha erupting in the distance. Keep an eye out for this retro artwork, because there’s one King Kong/Plastic Fangs cassette hidden in West End (clues on Valley Heat Records Facebook page)!

As for where the party is this weekend, The Plastic Fangs final show is set to go off with a bang! Fans can look forward to a high energy night of reverbed guitars and jungle drum beats and if you’re feeling extra spirited, donning a Hawaiian shirt would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s a few of the band’s favourite memories to celebrate the end of the era that was The Plastic Fangs…


  1. Playing a Clash tribute gig at the Triffid ranks high on our list of memories. We absolutely love The Clash and playing alongside bands such as Flangipanis, Frontend Loader and The Strums was rad beyond belief!
  2. Reaching number 37 in the 2014 4ZZZ Hot 100 for our single Light in the Tunnel was probably our greatest mid-range achievement.
  3. That time Pete’s solo blew the power to the stage at the Bearded Lady (for our first EP launch) and Seany had to finish the set acapella style, which in garage surf punk terms, doesn’t exactly translate smoothly.
  4. Getting a little bit of Triple J Unearthed digital radio play was great as we never really had high expectations on conquering the world, and by that we mean Brisbane.
  5. Our world tour of Ipswich, where we gave the locals a taste of Brisbane surf punk culture. That was a pretty crazy night! We love ya ‘Ippy!

Pick up a copy of King Kong and The Plastic Fangs split cassette when you catch them both launching their respective albums at The Bearded Lady this Saturday night, 2 December. All event information HERE.

The Plastic Fangs