Brisbane indie-folk duo ROO (comprising of Dean Hamilton and lead singer Roo), are eager to unveil their new album LOVE YOU II.

Due for release on 17 June, LOVE YOU II is the follow up record to 2015’s LOVE ROO XO. While LOVE ROO XO was recorded with sparse acoustic instrumentation, LOVE YOU II features more complex and diverse arrangements.

LOVE YOU II incorporates more instruments, different styles, brand new (never heard before) songs, some old songs that we’ve been playing since 2003 that had never previously been recorded, and a whole lot of attitude,” said Roo.

“We wanted to give this record a live feel and tracked as much of it together as we could. We’ve used some different recording techniques and we’re honestly a little nervous but also a little excited about the end result.”

A DIY production, Roo says the songs on LOVE YOU II were all chosen for their honesty. Lyrically, the record contains themes of friendship, exhaustion, escapism, loss, and soul killers. Pixies and Faeries is the first cut from LOVE YOU II, and gives listeners a beautiful taste of what is yet to come.

LOVE YOU II will be released at the duo’s show Party Time! Excellent! at Beetle Bar on 17 June. ROO will be joined by local friends BUZZkillers, The Barefoot Experience, Byron Short and Brendan the Bard for night full of humour and fun.

“You can be sure that we’ll be loud, wearing ridiculous outfits, making lame jokes, Dean will sing a song, Roo will fly kick thin air at some stage and there will definitely be a few swear words, awkward good times and toe-tappin’ fun.”

For a night of inspiration, laughs and good tunes, get down and celebrate ROO’s new album LOVE YOU II on 17 June.

ROO unveil their new album LOVE YOU II at Beetle Bar on 17 June. All attendees receive a FREE copy of the record on the night. All event info available here.

Feature image by Alex Wright Photos