Pandamic’s new single Heck! is reminiscent of hot, lazy days spent strumming your guitar and wondering why you haven’t gotten together yet with that girl you just met.

Influenced by artists like Dune Rats, Violent Soho and DZ Deathrays, Pandamic have been spreading their punk-rock, indie-surf tunes around Queensland for the past few years, with Heck! signalling a new EP is coming in 2016.

“We have heaps of new songs that we’re keen to record. I think the feels that come off Heck! are a lot more laid back than our previous Scumbag EP. It’s less in-your-face,” said vocalist and guitarist Rhys Adams.

“Like most of our songs sadly, Heck! is about a girl. It’s about feeling like you are in hell, in a downward spiral being drowned in feelings of loneliness and pity when you are with an individual, yet still feeling intrigued by them for some unknown reason.”

Fans heading along to the Gladstone leg of El Grande Festival on 12 March, will be among the first to hear Pandamic’s new material, with Rhys revealing they’ll be playing most of the songs from their forthcoming EP.

“We’ll be playing most of our new EP at El Grande Festival. Gladstone is a place we’ve wanted to play for awhile now, so we’re keen as hell to play alongside some rad bands and see heaps of new faces in the audience.”

Used to playing house parties in their hometown, Rhys says playing El Grande Festival is like “jumping in the deep end” for the band.

“When we are playing a local house party, we sort of know what faces to expect and what energy the crowd is going to be throwing at us. With El Grande it’s a new audience, so you’re never quite sure what to expect.”

While Pandamic love their “mental” home crowd, travelling to new towns to share their music with more people is something they’d like to do more of this year.

“Our hope is to release the new EP and do a tour down the East Coast as far as we can until we run out of cash and fuel.”

One thing is for sure, you can expect to hear a heck more from Pandamic in 2016!

Pandamic’s new single Heck! (below) drops 11 March. Catch Pandamic on the Gladstone leg of El Grande Festival on Saturday, 12 March. El Grande Festival details can be found here.